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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, and our Beautiful Fall Baby Shower!

Happy Halloween!!!!
(Almost) 28 weeks picture from the side, and then showing off my costume :)

I'm still tired and overwhelmed from the beautiful shower yesterday but I wanted to share a few of the pictures.  My Mom has taken quite a few more "people" shots that I will share when she emails them over!
 On the left is our friend Erin, and her daugheter Lucy!  Lucy is 11 months old and just adorable!  On the right is one of my friends Stephanie who has two daughers and a son of her own.  She's shared a ton of practicle parenting tips with me already and will be my on-call Mama!
On the left is my cousin Amanda and on the right is my cousin Alison.  The lighting in this is not so great but what beautiful subjects :)  Amanda and I put Alison through some torture growing up and I'm sure she will be teaching my girls some tricks of her own!

C and I with my nieces Michelle (L) and Rebecca (R)

Adorable ducks and "How big is belly" game.  Most people were pretty kind with their guesses, but a few of my cousins must have been guessing my height not belly size :)

Adorable polka dot ribbon wrapped around the silverware.

Guest book with our shower invite and beautiful flowers.

Fall colored cake that was scrumptious!

My Mother-in-Law put some beautiful flower arrangements together and I loved the use of pumpkins!

Gotta have the baby carriage fruit bowl!

Personalized Lily and Grace M&Ms!
Mommy and the girls have enjoyed the remaining M&Ms in the past 24 hours :)

Thank you to everyone!!!
I will post more pictures, and of course some of the beautiful gifts we received when I get a little more organized!


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