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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


PUMPKIN :)  It's fall (and 70!)

Wow belly is growing! 

And of course, I had to order this!  Every year I wear my "pirate" skull shirt and was sad that I wouldn't fit in it this year.  Instead, I found this one which is super cute and fits with the two girls!

New this week:
People keep asking me if I am due soon.  No, thank you for asking but I am not.
Then I say we're having twins and everyone says I look great... WHICH IS IT PEOPLE? :)
Holy cow these girls are moving up a storm!  It's awesome to feel every day/ all day and C can finally, consistently feel them move from the outside too which is awesome!
Work is getting harder to be on my feet for 9, 10, or 11 hours on the longer shifts.  Yesterday I told my supervisor that while I hope to make it till December, the longer days are starting to get really hard.  Tomorrow is our 24 week check up and I plan on asking my OB to limit me to 9 hour days at this point.
And finally, what we believe are Braxton Hicks contractions have started :(  I know they are usually nothing to worry about, but I was hoping to make it a few more weeks before I started feeling them.  Last night was the first night I felt them twice, it's been only one time a day so far.  Hope they stay away for a while longer.

While I'm excited to make it to the 24 week point, 27 weeks is my next goal.  Small, achievable goals :)  I am talking to the babies every day telling them they are not allowed to come out yet!  C is always reading to them every night which I feel is important to make sure they will recognize his voice!

Also C is hard at work on the nursery.  I will post some pictures of his progress with the Dr. visit update tomorrow!


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