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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

25 Weeks!  Wahoo! 
We're starting to get things settled for Babies.  I can honestly not BELIEVE we are at 25 weeks.  Harder to believe?  Is that at the latest, in 13 weeks these girls will be here.  Of course I want them to "cook" as long as possible :)  In other great news, just as I am starting to hit a kinda hump in pregnancy (feeling more tired at work, worrying about being parents, how our life is over, etc and just feeling kinda down...) I just found out two sets of our friends who will be AWSOME parents are expecting also!  That has lifted me right back up, and congrats will come in due time when they share with the world :)
Onto some goodies!
C's Aunt Grace has sent over some really cute outfits for the girls.  It was very generous of her and thoughtful!

And... she sent some socks!  I can't even believe how tiny baby's feet are!!!

Today we decided to get out of the house and explore "Lilac Park" of Lombard.  The website said it was a great attraction for Lombardians and travelers alike.  It is a beautiful park, and I can see bringing the girls down for a picnic or to play around.  Here is me getting all excited to check it out!

Here is the official animal of Lombard I guess?  I thought it was the Lombard Lions, but this seems to be some sort of lamb and deer hybrid.  I wanted C to stand sideways and show his belly too, but he refused.  At least I got him to sit for the picture!

And... the cribs came!!!  I can't get my flash to work on the camera right now but it still showed up ok. 
C got them both put together and up in the nursery:
My Mother-in-Law has generously offered to purchase the matching dresser (which will double as a changing table).  I can't wait till it arrives and we can see how the room will look!!! 
(Don't worry, I'll post pictures!)
Kitty is very confused as to why her room is being taken over, and why Mommy is acting so crazy.  We've spent today doing craft projects as we're trying to get the nurery decorations started.  C has painted letters and started tying bows to hang them over the cribs.  I have found out that bow tying is NOT my strong suite.  We're also going to order our wall decal for the nursery tomorrow!  My goal is to have the basics of the nursery set up by November 1st incase I start feeling really bad.  I've read that anywhere between 28 to 32 weeks is where twin mamas really start having issues.  We'll be decorating, etc I'm sure until and after they are born though!

And in the most exciting news of the day... our memory mattress foam topper has arrived!  It's airing out right now and we will be putting it on the bed tomorrow.  Can't wait hope it cures my sleep issues!


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