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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Sunday, some of the people I work with threw a surprise baby shower for us!  Even though due to scheduling issues we had been given a head's up on Friday, it really was a wonderful surprise!  The kindness and generosity of the other managers and staff is truly amazing and reminds me how blessed we truly are.  I didn't have my camera but our friend Amanda took a few pictures she is going to pass on and I will share.  The babies will be styling!  Here are some pictures of their goods!  (Warning Photo Bomb, but I"m just so excited!)
BUMBOS!  Our friends Brian and Amanda (and their two sons who will one day be the twin's husbands lol!) picked out the Bumbos for us!  Amanda even decorated them with skull stickers!!!  They are PERFECT for the girls!!!!

These beautiful blankets were hand made by one of the Hoffman servers, Renee.  They are so snuggly!  C wants to know why they don't make these in adult sizes!

One of my managers from Hoffman and his family bought us these two adorable outfits!  I just love the "Love" and the "heart" on their little tushies!!!

Two of my Lombard servers, Jackie and Tim, picked out these adorable Peter Rabbit outfits with ears and all!  Also some adorable CK onesies and socks!  And of course, the lion bag won me over!

Heather and Cyrus, the best hosts ever, packed a "Mommy Bag" for me, with baby themed candies, Love socks, the classic Mrs. Doubtfire, and liquored flavored candies for after the girls come!  Gotta pamper Mommy a little!  Two of my Lombard bartenders also brought me a bottle of tequila, but that has been hidden till after the babies arrive.  I'm been DYING for a margarita, and the non-alcoholic ones I have them make me are just not cutting it!

Pam picked out the girl's first VS purchases, PINK doggies!  Also two I heart Mom and Dad onesies and two layettes that are adorable!

My co-managers from Hoffman, Dana and Stephanie, really spoiled the girls with these outfits...

these outfits...

and this baby gear!  C and I had just started to sit down and make our "necessity" list of what we had to buy before babies arrive.  They knocked out most of the list, including the girl's first packs of diapers and wipes!

It was a fun day and I can tell it was a lot of hard work to put together.  Again, we feel so blessed to have these people in our lives!

Did I mention that C and his dad are redoing our bathroom right now?  Yes, at 26 weeks pregnant we have no upstairs bathroom right now.  It's almost done!  Here is a sneak peak, tile is layed and grouted, room is painted, and new cabinet is being put in.  We should have water in there by tomorrow!


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