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Thursday, October 27, 2011

But I'm the Baby!

Kitty is no dumby, she knows something is up!!!  My Mom bought us our mattresses for the cribs last week and we left the plastic on them because Kitty did not like the plastic.  Well we tried one of the sheets on to see how they looked and this morning when I couldn't find the cat, she was napping in one of the cribs!!!  She just looked up at me like "Who... Me?"

Which brings up the new topic of discussion, the pet-free room.  Many resources recommend having a pet free room in the beginning for babies.  If we have them sleep in a pack and play in our room, we will lock the cat out at night.  But in the past, when one of us is sick and we do this, she scratches at the door all night.  If we decide the nursery is going to be the cat free room, we will lock her out of there, but it has also been free for her to roam for the past 3 years, and then babies will be sleeping farther away for late night feedings.  Oh decisions decisions!


Our Crazy Filled Life said...

I stressed about the cats trying to sleep in baby's room also. We have three cats, and before we had our oldest at least one of the cats would be sleeping in the room at all times. But then once the baby was here, things changed. Even though we had the bassinett in our room for the first 6 weeks, the cats quit going in the nursery I think because they were afraid of being stuck in there with the baby. And it smelled different. Once we moved the baby into the nursery-both times-the cats pretty much quit going in there altogether. So don't stress out about it too much!

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