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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why Hello, Third Trimester!

Not much new to report here... and no news is good news right?!  Except that I'm ecstatic to be in the 3rd trimester!  Work is getting harder by the day, and I can't WAIT till my appointment next week to see if she can modify my work to maybe 30 hours a week or something a little more manageable.  I'm doing ok on the 4 o'clock closes but the other shifts are not going so well :/  Thankfully I work with a great group of managers who have my best interest at heart.  Also, I found a maternity support belt at Motherhood which is like some sort of back brace and tummy brace tied together that seems to be helping.

Let's talk sleep.  Why can't I get any?  I sleep well from 7 am to when I have to get up.  The past two nights we've gone to bed early to try to help me get more sleep.  Both nights I was up at 2 am walking around for a while because I couldn't sleep.  Last night I actually ended up sleeping across the bottom part of the bed b/c it was the only place I could get comfortable.  I need a recliner lol!  I guess this lack of sleep is preparation for when the girls arrive!

Stats?  I'm too tired :)  Our bathroom is still under construction (although I can shower and the toilet works so that's all I need!) and because of that the scale is out of commission.  Will update next week at our 28 week appointment!  27 weeks was my "small goal" #2.  Onto small goal #3.  30 weeks!


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