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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

32 Weeks!

We had our 32 week appointment today and saw one of our favorite doctors in the practice.  We love two of the 4, and the last few times couldn't get in with either of our favorites.  Well we could tell she wasn't thrilled we had waited 4 weeks in between and also they hadn't been doing cervix checks every 2 weeks.  Now we're back on track!  Love her!  So what did we learn today?
Mama has gained about 25 lbs.  She would like me to gain more but babies are growing well so she is ok with it.  She asked me if I was eating real food or rice cakes... trust me, I'm eating as many calories as I can shove in my face!
We spent a lot of time talking about birth options.  Lily (Baby A) is still head down.  She has been since about 12 weeks and doesn't really change.  Grace's rear is right to the left of my belly button.  She has completely flipped again, no surprise as she changes position every time.  Dr. M took the time to explain vaginal vs. csection options (which we will be able to choose unless it comes down to emergency c-section.)  Now we have a lot of research to start doing.  She said my body is starting to prepare for a vaginal birth which she is happy to see.  They should be in there still in two weeks but she wasn't so sure if I would be back in the office in 4 weeks, or snuggling with our babies :)
Lily weighs about 3lbs 14oz right now.  Grace is at 3lbs 6oz.  This is pretty true to their growth so far.  Lily will not only be the older sister, she will be the "bigger" sister at least for a while.

At 32 weeks I have about 7.5 lbs of baby in me!  I'm measuring full term for a singleton.  No wonder work is super hard and life in general is getting more difficult!  Sleep?  What's that?  I get about 2 hours at a time before I have to get up and walk around.  And my 6 am snack :)  Nothing sounds good to eat but I'm trying to eat as much as I can.  Heartburn, acid reflux, it's all kicked in and I got some new medicine to try today.  4 more shifts of work, including tonight!  Thank God for my banked vacation time.  I'm feeling ok now that she pointed out most people don't get any bigger than I am right now and that is why I probably feel like I do, basically I'm at 40 weeks, with 6 more to go at the most!


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