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Monday, November 7, 2011

29 Weeks and Counting...

FIRST off congrats to C for an awesome run in the NYC marathon on Sunday!  While it was tough for me to have him away for 3 nights, I think it was a nice getaway before the girls come for him.  He shaved almost 15 minutes off his Chicago time!  Congrats Babe!

In Baby news... I passed the one hour glucose test and my iron was 11.2, just above the 11.0 cut off.  No meds or monitoring for me right now wahoo!  The girls continue to increase their activity day by day and my activity continues to slowly decline day by day!  My work load is limited to 6 hours a day on my feet which I am pretty much sticking to except for Saturdays are a little longer but I'm feeling ok.  Only 17 more days of work till vacation then starting my FMLA leave, but who's counting anyways?  Even if I go to January 10th which is the longest my OB will let me go, I will still have over 9 weeks off with the twins, and realistically I'm still feeling these will be Christmas babies.

We did our tour of labor and delivery tonight.  It was a very awakening experience.  Two of the other couples were due in early December, a few in January, and one lady didn't even look pregnant.  I had a lot of questions answered that I didn't know I had.  Good Sam only offers private rooms which is a relief to me.  The one thing I did not want to do was share a room.  The birthing rooms are nice and equipped with many essentials.  I liked how in the beginning you can have guests but once the 'real' labor begins they only allow Mommy and Daddy to be there.  They also will allow the new babies to stay in the room for 2 hours (Mommy and Baby recovery time) and for immediate skin on skin contact.  I feared the babies being whisked away.  (This could all change if they decide to arrive early, but for now, we're planning on them cooking for a long time!)  After those two hours are when they will clean baby up, transport us all to our room, complete with a mini fridge.  Thank God because if I deliver on Christmas someone better be bringing me polish sausage!  They showed us the Nicu and how they delivered a 12 oz baby there that is now 9 years old.  She was the size of a bic pen!  Instantly my fears of early delivery were washed away when I heard all of their success with their level 3 Nicu.  Other than that, I tried to take it all in, and now feel much more prepared.  We pre-registered online tonight and while I hope babies keep cooking for a long time, I know that we will be in great hands either way!


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