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Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Weeks!

 Finally catching up on pictures from the shower!  My Mom and MIL brought me some prints of our wonderful guests today!  Going to scan them in this week!  Here are some of the wonderful gifts that were given to our girls:
In this picture are a few of the swaddlers we received, car seat covers all soft and warm, bows and accessories, bibs, onesies, baby spoons, boogie wipes and pacifier wipes.  All the way on the left was a picture frame we got with one of our gift certificates that we put in an ultrasound with one of my favorite pictures, picture of one baby's foot and one baby's head!  On the right is the elephant humidifier which I think is Cs favorite gift so far!

There are so many cute items out there for little girls!  Here were a few we received:  Baby bathing suites and beach hats, cow girl socks and mary jane socks, adorable hats, and tutus!  Also we received baby food containers for when we one day attempt to make homemade baby food!

An assortment of adorable clothes, including "Mommy's shopping buddy,"  "I like to dance with Daddy," baby jeans!!!, and zebra onesies!
Diapers and wipes!  We have a nice start, should last us a week :)

Their first books!  Their library contains classics such as Iowa books, Cubs, and Chicago books.

Our cousin Amy says all kids really need is a stick and a box :)  I love my wand she got me!  I use it to point to things I need from C!

We also received some of our larger items such as baby swing, stroller, car seat bases, and pirate ride and scoot scooter.  Unfortunately, until we get the nursery ready, we don't have room for all of these items at our house so my parents have opened up a storage space at their house for us!

Gift Cards!  Thank you also to everyone who gave us gift cards!  We used some to purchase our Angelcare monitor and lots of packs of bottles.  (Along with free Santa diapers!)

Tonight we went to Target to complete our registry.  We went in, added a bunch of items, and then shopped, shopped, shopped!  We bought a lot of items such as a thermometer, nail clippers, wash clothes, pack and play, swaddling blankets, bath toys, and stocked up on clean and free detergent!

C picked these bib sets out:
And while we received a lot of cute clothes, we couldn't pass up on these:
Cinderella outfit:
and C's favorite, Alice in Wonderland:

We also stocked up on basic clothing items like onesies and warm baby pants, and two tops for my every expanding belly!!!
Our grand total after our completion discounts and gift cards:  50 cents!!!  Thank you everyone SO much!

 30 Weeks:


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