Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today we had a doctors appointment to check the girls weight and growth.  Lily weighed in at 6lbs 13 oz and Lily weighed in at 5lbs 13 oz.  (They are both ALMOST in the 5th percentile!)  The doctor answered many of our questions (including if the babies waking up every 2 hours is normal!) and it seems like we're doing a lot of things right.  Lily is out of preemie diapers and they both are out of preemie clothing now.  She also jinxed us by saying that she has never seen a set of twins develop colic, which means our two will probably challenge this :)

While the doctor was examining Grace I pointed out how her belly seems swollen.  After an external exam, the doctor wanted to do an ultrasound to make sure her stomach was alright.  I took her up to the room.  It was the strangest thing, walking around the Dupage Medical building with a baby swaddled in a blanket.  I got lots of stares!  As the ultrasound technician was taking images, I remembered how I do not miss the over 15 ultrasounds I had during pregnancy.  She took about 30 minutes, and over 70 images of my baby Grace.  I started to get nervous and at one point had to sit down I was making myself sick.  Well the good news is that everything looks awesome, including her stomach, kidneys, and bladder.  Our doctor assured us she does not have any tumors.  (I did not even think it could have been something so serious.)  In our journey God has been watching over us with all of my pregnancy complications.  From 5 weeks on, we've had many scares and I thought once the babies were born the scares were over, now I see they are just beginning.  Looking at my little baby having those ultrasounds taken and praying she was in good health it is crazy how overwhelmed one person can be with love.

But as I said, everything looks great, she just gets a swollen belly probably from gas.  The doctor did not even want us to change her formula to sensitive, she said they both are doing great!

Speaking of overwhelming love, when I came downstairs from taking a shower today this is what I saw :)
Well the girls are asleep, C is asleep, and it's time for me to catch up on The Bachelor (if I don't fall asleep myself first!)  But I just wanted to share the news of their growth!


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