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Friday, January 27, 2012

Just some pictures!

Not much to say today, Mommy is tired but has to share some new pictures!

Bath time!  Daddy really wanted to give us a REAL bath, so bath in the sink it was!  Mommy was a little scared so next time it will be in our whale tub :)

Lily loves the swing!  I wasn't able to figure out how to adjust the straps late last night so she was a little scrunched, but she HAD to have it on fast in order to be happy!  My girls are loving adventure already!

At least someone is getting sleep around here!  Both girls love the Boppy pillow.  So much that Daddy had to run out to the store today after work and buy a second one.  Both girls will nap in the pillow and seem cozy.  We won't use them at night but I wish they could sleep half as well in their pack and plays as they do in the Boppys!

Time to try out the cribs!  The girls instigate what C calls "Baby Fight Club" at night.  When one wakes, she playfully punches the other until they are both awake.  We are going to start nap time in the cribs, separately, so they learn to sleep without each other.

I know these aren't the best pictures, but yes, babies are in their respective cribs.

Mommy trying to get pictures of us in our own beds :)

Time to break out the accessories!

Grace (left) fell asleep in the crib right away.  Lily was my muse for the photo taking and is clearly sending me a message.  Stop taking pictures of us Mom!  Little does she know Mommy is just starting to scratch the surface of baby accessories.  One of my servers made these beautiful headbands for the girls.  I have also fallen in love with these:

These are kind of Hawkeye colors, right?  I told C I will regret not getting a picture of them in this type of bloomer set, so of course I've already emailed the maker to see what color combinations she can make for us!  But the grey and yellow is kinda growing on me :)  Don't get me started on the full romper sets I want for their professional photos!

Now I will just have to decide what color combinations when the time comes :)


venter said...

I've been following you for awhile and so thrilled to see your girlies arrived safely. My twin girls are 2 years old, sure is fun to look at your pictures and I remember those times fondly. :) LOVE Chic Baby Rose, we did the little rompers as well and have some adorable pics of them in them at around 4 months old. Having twins is exhausting (as i'm sure you are well aware) but it is also so much fun. :)


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