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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Picture or Two...

Here is a picture of C and I on New Year's Day.  Little did I know that less than 12 hours after this picture was taken we'd be admitted into L&D and meeting our girls the next day!
Warning:  Bragging Mom Photo Bomb ahead!

Baby Lily is here!  Getting her phoot print!

I was scared to hold the babies and my doctor made me.  Less than flattering picture but SO glad I have it!

First family photo in the OR.  You won't see a picture of me like this again :) 

In the OR before heading off to the Nicu for a short visit.

Aunt Jeni came to visit that night and brought the girls these beautiful outfits with "Welcome to the World!" on the bibs!

Grace next to C's Jimmy John's Sandwich!

Grace and Grandma Kay

Grace snuggling in bed with Mommy

Getting babies dressed for the ride home.  Swimming in the newborn outfits.

Leaving our room and going home, aka reality.  Mommy had to escort the girls out of L&D in her arms.  How would a mom of triplets do this?!?

Home sweet home.  NOW WHAT? :)

This is pretty much how they spend 16 hours a day.

Flowers from Grandma Kay and Grandpa George

Ducky arrangement from Aunt Jeni and Mikey

My Push Present from my wonderful husband.  He may have had a hint, or 5!

Our real presents :)

Grandmas and Granddaughters, 4 days old!


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