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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy 3 Week Birthday (tomorrow!)

Wow where is the time going?  I can't believe the girls are 3 weeks old!  Also, Tuesday, the 24th, is my original due date.  Crazy!  So what's going on over at the Mamo household?
Daddy is back to work.  He starts at either 4:30 or 6 am, so the help at the late night feedings has dwindled a little bit out of necessity for him to get sleep before work.  He is still trying to take over one complete feeding so that Mommy can get a 3 to 4 hour stretch of sleep in.  But sometimes the girls have other ideas and both wake up crying at the same time and we're both up!
Mommy is feeling better and has lost her pregnancy weight.  However, as BTDT (been there done that) Moms know, my pre-pregnancy clothes are not quite fitting yet :)  I know it's only been a few weeks and am being realistic here, I'll give it one more week.  Just kidding!  I did treat myself to a new shirt from Ann Taylor Loft, my favorite pre-pregnancy shop.  I deserve something new after all!  And I got my push present watch sized so now I can show it off!
The girls must think they are still in the womb!  They have a sort of twin speak between them, especially at night.  Grace sounds like she is laughing all of the time (early giggles!) and her sister will coo right back at her.  It's the strangest thing at night to hear all of these sounds coming from the pack and play!  One of us will get up to peek to make sure they are OK, and see them both asleep making noises at each other!  It also doesn't matter how we lay them down, they will turn themselves so that they are facing each other and that they are right up face to face.  It's so cute, until one of them starts waking up and "punching" her sister in the face!
Lily is going to be our wild child.  She makes it known where she is, and especially when she is hungry.  Grace is very relaxed and will fuss a little bit, but doesn't really cry at all.  We've learned to feed Lily first and then Grace.  One night I picked up Grace first, and it was all down hill from there!
Speaking of noises, these two little girls have the loudest "toots" ever!  How such a big noise comes from such a small little thing I'll never know!
The girls are eating about 2.5 oz every feeding, and feeding about every 2 to 3 hours.  Some nights are great and we will feed one and then wake the other and they will both go right back to sleep.  Other nights, well let's just say we've learned to wake the second twin after the first one is done. 
We go back to the pediatrician on Wednesday and I am anxious to hear their weights.  I know Lily is getting bigger, and both sets of Grandparents agree that our little Grace is getting bigger too.  I hope she will be fitting into size Newborns clothes soon before her sister grows out of them!  We have such cute matching outfits and now I"m nervous they won't be in the same size for long!
Well, I hear someone is stirring that's about all of the time they'll give Mama for updating the blog.  Here is a picture from Friday when Grandpa and Grandma came to babysit for a few hours so Mommy could get in a much needed nap.  Thursday night, someone was up at least every hour, if not half!  Thank God for help from both Grandpas and Grandmas and Mt. Dew to help Mommy through the day!
Daddy took some great pictures last week which I will post when he coverts them to a file type that blogger will support!
Grace in a 0-3 month sleeper sack.  Um... it's going to be a while!

Grandma and Grandpa came over to babysit while Mommy took a nap.  I come downstairs and both girls are being spoiled :)

Who says Grandpa doesn't hold babies till they are 3 months old? :)


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