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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wow time is flying by!  Last week C and I were both under the weather.  I ended up with a respiratory infection and C ended up with a bronchial infection.  We were on matching Zpacks... how cute :)  After sleeping from last Sunday night about 9 till Thursday about 3, I started feeling better!  I'm finally back to myself.  As the Dr. said, the babies are taking up my energy first and foremost, then my immune system, then, if I'm lucky, I will be able to stay awake!

Now that I'm back to feeling myself, what have you all missed?  First off, thanks to Lindsay and Ryan for the awesome "Sleep and Play" skull outfits :)  C took a great picture of me holding up both outfits to my stomach.  What confused us both is they are newborn size... yet... how are those going to fit inside my belly in December/ January?  I will post the picture as soon as I find the connector for my camera.   Babies are styling already!

Thanks to Kelley for the awesome tip about  She told me they often have specials on car seats... and low and behold I log on and... the car seats we fell in love with were 25% off!  So we've officially bought our first (two) big baby items...
Carseats!  And saved some $$$ that we can use for diapers lol!  My bonus this week was $2 short of covering the car seats... thanks Landrys for supporting our twins already!

Wednesday is our 20 week check up.  I'm nervous but excited for the detailed scan of our little ones, and hopefully everything continues on the upbeat path we have established the past few weeks.  Also hoping to confirm that Baby B is a boy... I just had my heart set on a little man!
The last piece of exciting news is now I am feeling Baby A move pretty frequently, and even think I'm feeling Baby B (with the placenta attached in front the OB said I would probably not feel Baby B too much but that is ok right now.)  I was having a coughing fit this week and Baby A poked me twice pretty hard to let me know to stop :)
That's all for now, will update on Wednesday with hopefully great news!


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