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Thursday, August 25, 2011

18 Week Ultrasound..

We went in yesterday for our 18 week ultrasound.  We have started our every other week cervix measurement check.  I'm doing great it is beautiful for anyone who cares :)  Both babies measured exactly 240 grams which our OB was very happy with.  Also the placenta from Baby B has moved away from the cervix.  Babies heart rates are in the 140s and everything is looking great!
Except the genders!  Baby A is still a girl.  Baby B, well, she was not convinced!  She didn't see any "boy" parts.  But both babies were moving so much (whoops!  I had a Coke to make sure they were active, I guess I drank a little too much!).  She couldn't confirm girl (apparently there should be 3 lines???), but has serious doubts it is a boy.  So we may be having two little princesses.  C was so excited for a little son so I'm hoping that Baby B is just being stubborn right now and will reveal his true gender on the 7th at our 20 week ultrasound.  But the best news was babies are healthy, mama is healthy... and I've already seen about 10 baby outfits that say "Daddy's Little Princess" that I will buy to help settle the shock if it really is two girls.
I had designed the nursery Monday night, finally with a blue/ purple/ white theme.  Well two more weeks then a re-evaluating on the room possibly!

I had two great "play dates" this week.  I got to see Baby AJ who was born January 25th, 1 day after the twin's bday.  7 months and SUPER cute.  Teeth are coming in and he will be crawling any day!  I also got to see Baby Kane, who will turn one in September!  He will be walking any day!  They both are already Ladies Men!  It is amazing how babies like Pregnant Liz!  I was even more excited about a boy after seeing these two little men., and after catching up on pictures of our friends A and B's little men Colin and Ethan.  They all are so happy, and well raised by wonderful parents!

I made it out to the outlet mall today, and found a maternity outlet store!  I saved 50% and found a dress for a wedding we're going to in two weeks!  What an eventful week for pregnant Liz :)


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