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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

22 Weeks!

Wow, time is starting to fly by!  I can't believe we're at 22 weeks already.  Went in for a quick appointment today.  Last time the OB said we could skip our every 2 weeks and go to 4 weeks, but with C's birthday tomorrow and taking our little anniversary trip/ baby moon next week up to Galena, I decided to go in this week anyways.  Everything looks good, Baby A is all stretched out head down almost diagonal taking up most of the room right now.  Baby B is squished by her sister into the left side (but my OB reassured me she is still comfortable!).  Saw both hearts beating strong, kiddos are moving around, and feeling kicks/ stabs, punches almost all day now.  Here are a few fun stats:

Week: 22 weeks (still can't believe it!)
Size of Babies:  This week they will grow to hit the 1 lb mark!  She did not measure them this week (I've been getting the VIP treatment with all of my appointments... so spoiled but can hold out two more weeks!)
Weight gain:  Ok, 14 lbs.  Not terrible with twins!
Mommy's cravings:  Deli meat!  After much discussion with our OB, she said it is ok to purchase deli meat at the Jewel that is cold to the touch, and as long as I bring it right home, the risk for listeria is super low.  Nothing in the danger zone!  I just can't eat heated meat any more!
Sleep schedule:  Trying to get as much as possible.  Finally broke down and am using the full body pillow, which has given me some relief the last two nights.
Baby's Movement:  Baby A is crazy and I feel her all day/ night.  Baby B I mostly feel when I lay down on my side.  Now that I know she is kinda squished in there by her sister, I will be more careful about moving around at night!  C was able to feel Baby A's kicks from the outside now, it was a very special moment!

Yesterday was International Talk Like A Pirate Day (obviously my favorite holiday of the year!)  Here is a belly shot with the adorable onesies that Lindsay and Ryan gave us:

These are size newborn!!!  Wow looks like my belly has a ton of growing left to do!


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