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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

7.5 Months and Counting...

First, I want to apologize for not updating in almost a month!  Do I really need to say I've been busy? :)  The girls are now a little over 7.5 months.  Here are a few facts:

Lily is now crawling.  Yes crawling.  Up on her hands and knees and moving around.  Chasing after Kitty is her favorite activity.  When I open and come home from work she crawls to me and starts pulling on my leg to lift her up.  She has opened up her dresser drawer and pulled herself to a standing position.  She is now 5 out of 7 nights a week sleeping from about 7 pm till 5:30 am, waking for a bottle, and going down till 8.  Much better than the 2:00 or 3:00 feedings.  She is attatched to her blanket which we call an "eye-eye" but only gets it at night.  She also had her first tooth break through.  Where is my little baby going? :)  She gets upset if someone picks up Grace and leaves her to play on the floor or in her Jumparoo.  She wants the attention :)  Here is a picture of Lily that her Great Aunt Patty took on her visit to Illinois:

Grace is in week 8 of her therapy and helmet.  It's been a battle to say the least.  At this point, we are seeing her pediatrician on Thursday to see if she recommends a second helmet.  I won't mention the company we are using, but will say that we have had two severe misfits resulting in a scare on her head and being out of the helmet two weeks in a row.  Also at this point, I believe it is actually doing more harm then good and am ready to pull her out of it at the pediatrician's recommendation.  BUT of course I want the best for my Baby.  While Grace was the first to roll over and sleep through the night, she is just content with rolling all over the lace adn has not started crawling forward yet.  She has made some movements backwards and has backed herself under the table which is entertaining for Mommy and Daddy :)  She is all smiles and giggles.  She loves her "binky" which we try to limit to the crib and after we put her helmet on.  She is spending more time in the jumparoo now and loves it!  Here is a picture of great aunt Patty took of her on her visit :

Other than that?  We took the girls on their first vacation with my parents, brother, and his daughters.  The girls liked being around their cousins but didn't like being in the car seats.  We took the girls to their first Cubs game.  Lily loved it, Grace hated everytime someone cheered.  3 homeruns in 2 innings she was not into it!  I fell on the pavement holding Grace and thank God for someone watching over her as she didn't have a scratch on her body!  The girls are eating baby food one to two times a day now. 

We attempted to have family pictures taken, but it was 95 degrees and we were all getting over colds.  Here is the best of the best from the photographer.  Laura Meyer Photography!  Check out her website and we can't wait to reschedule it for early in the fall when it's a little bit cooler!

So now the fun part, here are some photos of the past month:

 Lily and Grace LOVE spending time with their Grandparents :)

 On our 7 month birthday!
 Supporting Daddy at his triathlon!
 With Daddy and Grandma Kay
 Ask Daddy to get their swim diapers on and what do you get....

 The family after dinner
 Ok had to share this one too :)
 Beach Babies!

 I made these when the girls were 3 months old and could barely get them snapped shut but hey, it worked :)

 Daddy wearing Lily to the Cubs game and Mommy holding Grace because she refused the RingSling.

Cubs fans for life :)


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