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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

35 Weeks!

Wahoo!  This was our final goal to keep the babies inside to at least 35 weeks!  Happily we went to our appointment today expecting SOME sort of change, and ready for babies to debut at any moment.  Well, no progress.  I guess no news is good news since every day inside is just increasing the odds that the babies will be able to come home with us from the hospital.  But my stomach, back, etc would like to argue I think!

I went to my sisters today and my nephew kept saying how big my belly was!  Our OB has said both babies were still head down so I showed him where their butts were sticking out and he loved it!  I told him my belly was kinda smashed so he was listening to my stomach to hear if the babies were crying... too cute.  I let him know they were definitely ok!  He has two cousins and a nephew who will be arriving close to each other (myself and his sister Jaime are due the same day) and it will be very interesting to see how he likes all the new babies after being the youngest for so long!

Contractions are still happening every day, especially at night, and sleeping is very uncomfortable.  When I roll over I literally feel both babies shifting positions to make themselves comfortable.   Now if they could let me be comfortable!

Babies are both head down and I'm hanging in there.  I'm actually letting myself think I may be able to celebrate Christmas with my family this year and not at the hospital!  Only time will tell, but for now... no progress!


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