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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

34 Week Update!

Today we had our 34 week update.  I've been feeling a lot of changes going on so I was hoping for some sort of news.  I still want the babies to "cook" longer (we're praying they are at least 5 lbs a piece) but I was thrilled to hear there are some things happening!
No ultrasound today.  She did a quick heart beat check with a handheld doppler and now both babies are head down!  Heart beats are nice both in the 140-155 range.  A few nights ago, I had severe pain for about 20 minutes and told C that I thought (Baby B) Grace had flipped.  Well I was right!)  Then she checked me and I am 1+ cm dilated (which really means nothing) but 90% effaced!  Baby A is trying to get out!  We changed our next appointment to one week from today, but the doctor said at this point, we are not stopping labor.  She said it's 50/50 that babies will be born before Christmas.  She is pretty sure they will be here by the holiday.  I've said all along they will be Christmas Babies!
This week I've washed baby clothes, started to pack my hospital bag, and made a list of every day things (tooth brush, etc) that need to go in the bag so C and I can finish packing and go when necessary.  Suddenly I don't feel ready at ALL.  I'm excited to meet our girls, but nervous nervous nervous!  Still very uncomfortable, but I know that my body is just preparing for the girls to arrive!


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