Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Thursday, November 15, 2012

 Happy 10 Months to Grace and Lily!  We've been all feeling under the weather here but I tried to at least snap a shot on their actual birthday.  Excuse the grey sweat pants :)  This is about the best pose they would give me!

 Trying to get an individual shot... I just gave up!

The girls put their costumes on one more time because Gramma Kay didn't get to see them all dressed up!

 With the hoods up!
 I had to tied Lily over with a snack!
 Grace and Gramma Kay
 The leg warmers Mommy ordered arrived and Daddy surprised us with some Bears Bows!!!

 Pile on Daddy!!!
 Pile on Grandpop!!!

 Gramma Kay got us a new drum!
 And this is Grace and her favorite toy... which makes lots of noises randomly at night :)
 Grace's turn to play the drum!
 Grace taking some time out to read her favorite book "Goodnight Canada!"
 Sisters playing together!
 This cup is for snacks and says 12 months and up.  So advanced using them at 10 months!

 Lily's FAVORITE toy.. Mommys phone
 Starting to get into the next size up!  New clothes!  At Uncle Mike's house!

 Aunt Jen made cupcakes for Michelle's birthday!  Happy 10th!
 Attempting at getting a few pictures of the cousins lol!

 Becca and Grace

 All 5 cousins :)

 Bottle time!
 Daddy and the girls snuggling :)
 Lily's favorite activity, standing on the first step and looking at Kitty
 Now they both are looking :)
 Grace crawling right up and smiling.... poser!!!
Our new Auntie outfits for when Aunt Jen came to babysit us!
 Lily climbed up into one of the bins... she is getting too adventurous!

 Play date with David.  He is one day younger then us.  And with cousin Mikey and his sister Jaime!
 For the first time in my life I saw both ends of the rainbow... pretty cool day!
 Lily got into Mommy's new wallet....
 New foods, oranges, sweet potatoes, and mashed.  Grace didn't like any of it...
 Lily had three servings :)
New outfits from Nana Susan!
 PUFFERS!!!  Our favorite around here!!!


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