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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life is getting busier and busier around here!  I've been promoted at work to Assistant General Manager, a bitter sweet position for me for many reasons.  Also, my life has shifted with the hours/ shifts I work.  On one hand it's allowing me to be able to put my babies down an extra night a week :)  on the other, I'm learning way too many technical terms for food we carry!

I can't believe the girls are almost 6 months!  I've also been up since 4 am with about 3 hours of sleep so here is a quick recap of the past few weeks:

Lily has gone from our grumpy baby to smiley.  She has a huge grin almost all of the time.  She is now more predicitble with naps and goes down to be easier (knock on wood!)  She also has slept through the night two times in one week.  Maybe the end of late night feedings is almost over?!  She is rolling back to front and sleeps on her tummy every night.  It drives me crazy but I know so many of us slept that way and turned out ok :)

Grace has had a few road bumps with her docband and therapy.  The first day she was in the band for 24 hours a big blister appeared on the back of her head.  It was pretty bad and we have had her out of the band for a week now.  Her physical therapy is going well though and she has gone from a 30% range of motion to about 90%.  Her Daddy is working very hard with her on the pt at home.  She also had to go to her pedi to get her head checked out, but her pedi said she is doing great.  She weighed in at 12 lbs 10 oz.  I think Lily is close to 15/16 lb range and I think they are going to be in split sizes pretty soon.  What about all of the cute clothes I've already bought in matching sets? :)

Between 3 doctors appointments in two days my days off are not very producitve right now.  Grace is back for another evaluation to hopefully get her band back before too much more growth happends.  She has pt for 4 more weeks and the girls have their 6 month check up on July 11th! 

Here are a few snap shots:


evanskl4 said...

They are adorable! Mine just turned 6 months last week. FYI, they both sleep on their tummys every night now! I figure since they can roll over on their own, it's ok. Plus - they sleep better so I'm not complaining!

Hope things get better with the docband. They recommended it for my boy, but we decided against it (his case was mild). But he's doing PT for torticollis and it's helped so much!

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