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Sunday, February 5, 2012

One Month Developments

One Month Milestones:
Lily and Grace, some day, you will ask your Mommy what you were like as babies.  Mommy is getting little sleep and can't remember what she did 3 hours ago, so good thing she is making this blog!  How do you know you are new parents of twins?
Today I went to take two advil because I had a headache, and took two prenatal vitamins instead. 
C filled my bottle of water last night and couldn't find it.  This morning I found it in the cabinet where our snacks are.

So girls, what are you doing at one month?
You both are making strong eye contact with Mommy and Daddy during feeding time.  When we pick you up from the swing/ bouncer you are looking at us and recognize us.

(This is Lily realizing Mommy is leaving her and waving.  She is super advanced.  Just kidding, but it is Lily realizing Mommy isn't going to pick her up and she looks upset!)
You follow us with your eyes when we walk around the room, and recognize our voices.
Lily loves the swing, on high.
Grace loves the bouncy (vibrating) chair.  These two things have been life savers!
You are sleeping together in he pack and play in our room.  You end up facing each other in the middle no matter how we put you in their.  You babble back and forth in  your own twin speak for almost an hour every night once we put you down.  You have to be touching at all times while lying in there.

Speaking of twin speak, at times I think we have a zoo in our room!  Grace giggles all of the time, and recently Lily is starting to make noises that can only be described as similar to a goat!
When one of you wakes up, you try to wake your sister up.  This is not conducive for feeding time when Mommy or Daddy are home alone!  We are thinking of transitioning you into two pack and plays for right now, but Mommy isn't ready to break you two up yet!
Speaking of the pack and play, no more naps in there down stairs.  Swing or vibrating seat is the only place you will go!  We're going to try nap time in the cribs very soon.
Cribs, what are those you say?  Yes, you have spent a measly 15 minutes in your cribs as of right now.  But the room looks cute at least!
You're taking 3 oz of formula every 2 to 3 hours.  Some nights are great, others are not.  We wake and feed at night so you're on the same schedule.  When we don't wake Grace she will sleep up to 4 hours at night, but them Mommy and Daddy would get no sleep so she is up when Lily is up!
You "cluster feed" from about 8 to 11 taking usually 3 bottles each in that time frame.  I've heard that most babies who cluster feed then sleep an extended amount of time, up to 5 hours, but I have yet to witness this miracle.
You're smiling now at Mommy and Daddy. 
Both of you are getting stronger at lifting your necks, and I can't wait to put you in the Bumbo seats when you can fully support your head!
The Boppy pillows are two more of your favorite things.  We only had one to start, and after one full day Mommy made Daddy run out to buy a second.  We can't live without two of those!
We have weight checks again on Wednesday and Mommy things that Lily is close to 8 lbs and Grace close to 7, we'll see how right her maternal instincts are!
Update:  Grace weighed in at 7lbs2oz and Lily at 8 lbs exactly.  I'm excited to try out the Moby wrap my cousin lent me now that Lily is 8 lbs!

I can't believe I'm back to work in 5 weeks :(  I don't want to miss any time with my little angels!


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